Michael Kay Keeps Exposing Himself As an Idiot

October 18, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Yankee bobo Michael Kay was at it all weekend long. He mentioned that Cliff Lee is cheating with that resin cap, and then he talked about how it was all over for the Rangers after the Yankees won in Game 1.

This is the type of analysis we get from a play-by-play man and talk-show radio host in town. Is it any wonder why Kay gets ripped often by Phil Mushnick and Bob Raissman?

It’s funny how the Yankee bobo talks about how he is a victim of agenda by Mushnick, Raissman and his critics. In reality, he brings all of this on himself.

What he said about Lee was out of line. He better have some evidence to prove Lee cheated before he talks rubbish. What Kay said is nothing worse than a blogger or a citizen journalist making up a trade rumor or inside information.

Kay should be embarrassed at what he said. If nothing else, 1050 should have taken some action about his remark. This is reckless journalism at best. This quite frankly should be grounds for firing. Rest assured if any sportswriter or sports talkie made up stuff like that, that person would be fired or be taken off the beat.

It’s remarkable how YES and 1050 enable this type of behavior. Journalism should be about accurate information not mentioning fiction.

Lee having stuff on his cap means nothing. Guess what? Players have their caps and helmets dirty all the time. It’s called getting yourself dirty and doing whatever it takes to win.

Know what’s funny? The Yankees have their caps dirty all the time. Just look at Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Don’t expect the Yankee blowhard play-by-play announcer to say anything.

Lee is doing well because he figured out how to throw strikes and improve command. He improved his delivery. It has nothing to do with him cheating.

It will be interesting to see what Kay is going to say next year if Lee will be a Yankee. There’s no question Lee will have stuff on his cap. Odds are the Yankee cheerleader will say nothing. It is like he will forget anything he will say, and he will insult our intelligence by having amnesia about what he said last October.

Expect Kay to go take shots at his critics after he goes in denial. It’s his shtick. It’s what he does. It gets old too.

For all the criticism Craig Carton gets on WFAN, at least he admits he is a buffoon. He does this to attract attention, and it works because people are stupid enough to follow his lead. It shows you how pathetic sports radio is in this town. It’s all about saying stupid stuff, and the host will get listeners.

Maybe Kay learned a lot from Carton. Or better yet, Caron learned from Kay. Whatever it is, it’s sad.

Now, Kay comes off and guarantees the Yankees are going to win the series. He said it on YES after Friday night’s win over the Rangers. To be fair, this writer thought it was over too, but it’s one thing for a writer to say it, and another thing for a professional broadcaster to say it.

Kay’s job is to do his homework on other teams. He should be interviewing other guys on the other teams and talk to other folks in the media that cover other teams, but he never does it.

He often comes off lazy at his job. When he does YES telecasts, he often fools around with Al Leiter, Ken Singleton, John Flaherty and Kim Jones rather than calling a game and being objective. On 1050, he just talks rubbish and sucks up to the guests rather than asking tough questions.

If Kay really did his homework on Texas, he would know this. This Rangers team is skilled and smart when one looks at the lineup. Those guys can not only hit in the regular season, but they can do it in October based on what they have done so far.

Here’s another thing Kay would know about Texas if he did his job. The Rangers starting rotation is not just Cliff Lee. C.J. Wilson evolved into being a good starter, and Colby Lewis and Tommy Hunter showed they are not as bad as people think they are.

What the Rangers showed is they are not the Rangers of the late nineties. That’s a complete team who seems to know how to play in October, unlike the Twins. They showed by responding in their Game 2 victory against the Yankees after a bad Game 1 loss.

One would think Kay would realize that today, but he was talking nonsense again about the Rangers on his radio show. Not once did he say one good thing about the Rangers.

Look, Kay is employed by the Yankees to talk up the Yankees, but when he is doing sports radio, his job is to tell the story and give insights. His job is also to get guests from other perspectives, so fans can be educated instead of having their intelligence being insulted.

His job is to call it the way he sees it, not fooling viewers and making up stuff. At some point, when do 1050 and YES Network reign him in? Don’t expect YES to do so because it’s all Al-Yankeezera all the time, but 1050 should do something about it. It’s a radio station that should provide information not biased information.

One of the first moves the new 1050 program director must do is either having Kay start getting guest from the other teams or start getting better at his job. If Kay refuses, he should leave. It’s not like it’s going to be a big loss when one looks at his low ratings on his radio show.

Kay has been implored to start getting better by couple of New York papers. He has failed to heed that advice. If anything, he has gotten worse every year.

With the type of analysis that Kay spews out, Mel Allen is rolling over his grave wondering why a buffoon is now worthy of being the voice of the Yankees.

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