Jorge Posada: The Heart and Soul of the New York Yankees

May 9, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Jorge Posada is one of the most underrated Yankees ever. He has been a staple behind the plate for the Yankees since entering the league in 1995. Even at the ripe old age of 37, Jorge is still remains as a force offensively but has declined a bit defensively. Along with his age comes his injuries which prove to be very costly to the team.

Out of the 1365 games that Posada has started, the Yankees have won 818 games: Which translates to roughly 60 percent. At a position that is so demanding it takes a lot out of any player, and Posada has shown grit and toughness throughout his career.

Not to mention the tremendous pressure of playing in New York, and trying to have a Yogi Berra, or Thurman Munson like career in the process. 

Posada was groomed to be the catcher in 1995 by the current Yankee manager Joe Girardi, who taught Posada on how to handle New York and to strengthen Posada’s defensive skills due to the fact that he was  more of an offensive  catcher than defensive.

Posada throughout the duration of his career has earned some serious accolades. Posada during his career has been an offensive presence batting mostly in the No. 5, 6, 7 holes. Jorge has racked up five All-Star team honors, five Silver Slugger Awards, and of course being a four time World Series Champion.

In 2003 he had the best year of his career posting a 30 HR-101 RBI-.281 BA season which earned him a 3rd place finish in the MVP voting. Also since 2000 Posada has the most RBI by a catcher with 623 in baseball.

This type of production by a catcher is such a luxury for any team because it is so hard to balance the offensive production and defensive production as well. Along with Posada’s bright spots offensively he has called a perfect game for David Wells in 1998.

When Posada missed the majority of the season with a right shoulder injury that  required surgery, the Yankees did not make the postseason since 1995. Plain and simple when Posada isn’t in the lineup the Yankees aren’t the same team.

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