Joba Doesn’t Rule: Joe Girardi, What Means More, Joba Rules or a Ring?

August 29, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Yesterday, ESPN reported that the Yankees have decided to put Joba Chamberlain back on a five day rotation, rather than rotations of longer rests in order to conserve Joba’s arm. 

After receiving nine days rest between starts, Joba responded with a four inning, seven run performance that resulted in a 10-9 Yankee loss to the Texas Rangers on August 25. 

The Yankees, more specifically Joe Girardi, have lost their minds when dealing with Joba.

I am someone who was not, and is still not, the biggest fan of Joe Girardi, but that’s not the issue here. The recent successes of the Yankees have shut me up about my complaining of his “everything is always great” attitude. 

But this is just ridiculous.

I was never a supporter of the “Joba Rules,” so this extended time off just to meet his innings cap of 150 is insane to my mind.

Eventually, the Yankees are going to have to make up their mind about what is more important: trying to get a pitcher to stay under a certain amount of innings, or winning. 

I realize that they want to keep Joba healthy, for the immediate future and the long term. I realize that if he goes down, they lose a future starter or closer, and that would be a huge loss to not only the team itself, but the fan base.

But let’s be serious here. If a guy has been going on a five day rotation all year long, and then you start to give him seven days rest, and then out of nowhere you give him nine days off, is he going to be the same pitcher? 

Of course not. 

This is where the Yankees have to make a permanent decision; in fact, a few of them. 

First, they have to decide whether Joba will remain a starter or eventually go back into the bullpen.

It looks pretty clear that he will remain a starter, but I can never be too sure, considering that someone named Steinbrenner still owns this team. 

Then the Yankees have to decide if they want to keep this stupid innings cap on him. 

ESPN said that instead of starting him every seven or eight days for an average start, he will go every five days with shortened starts.

Just what the Yankees need. An overuse of the bullpen in the month before the playoffs start. 

If the Yankees want to go anywhere, they need to have a solidified starting rotation. Joba Chamberlain needs to be starting every five days, just like any other pitcher. And when I say starting every five days, I mean at least five innings, 90 or 100 pitches, not two innings or 40 pitches and a “this is progress” quote from Joe Girardi. 

The Yankees have an amazing pitcher in Joba Chamberlain. He’s a great talent, and his potential is through the roof, as the Yankees see it. But their conservative attitude towards him is preventing him from becoming the pitcher the Yankees and all their fans hope he will be.

I understand the cause for concern, but they are overreacting tremendously, and if they keep this up, it could cost them a ring. 

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