Humor: New York Yankee Fans Blame Joe Girardi for Blowing Phil Hughes’ No-Hitter

April 21, 2010   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

In a message board storm unlike any seen for weeks, New York Yankees fans set the online world abuzz as they ripped Yankees manager Joe Girardi for costing Phil Hughes a no-hitter.

Fans called for Girardi’s immediate resignation/firing/tar-and-feathering following the game where Hughes, one of the Yankees’ top young pitchers, no-hit the Oakland A’s through seven innings, before allowing an infield hit to Eric Chavez in the eighth inning.

Within the hour, hundreds of Facebook groups were devoted to the cause, with groups suggesting replacements for Girardi such as Joe Torre, Buck Showalter and even Billy Martin.

When a sharp individual pointed out that Martin, having been dead for over 20 years, would likely be a poor choice for manager, the poor man was banned from the Internet for life.

The outpouring of hate was similar to the abuse Girardi took from fans after he told the media he wouldn’t have allowed staff ace C.C. Sabathia to pitch the ninth inning on April 10th, when Sabathia had a no-hitter going against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Apparently, the only thing worse than Girardi’s potential handling of a situation that never actually arose was the way he managed, from the dugout no less, to foil Hughes’ chances for immortality.

No one’s quite sure what Girardi did to Hughes. Popular theories on the subject range from: Girardi informing Hughes he’d be cut if he actually threw the no-hitter, to the Yankees manager thinking “really mean thoughts” silently to himself.

According to the second theory, the bad mojo worked its way on to the mound and forced the ball from Hughes hand to Chavez’s bat.

When the DH’s comebacker struck Hughes, he was so disoriented by Girardi’s negative energy, he spun around helplessly while Girardi chuckled to himself and secretly high-fived his coaches.

While Yankees fans were still in a furor over Girardi’s handling of Sabathia and Hughes, the Yankee skipper got the drop on them, announcing he plans to ruin A.J Burnett’s shot at a perfect game on August 28th against the Chicago White Sox by shouting “Boo!” loudly from the dugout as Burnett throws a full-count pitch to Alex Rios.

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