How to Make the New York Yankees the Great Team It Once Was

July 21, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

As opposed to writing an article evaluating the Yankees’ recent trade deadline history, I’ve decided to give my opinion on the New York Yankees’ system of running a baseball team.

I’ve said it before: If the Yankees were to spend some of their money on a decent scouting department, they would reclaim the power they had from 1996-2001, where they won four World Series Championships and made it to the World Series in all but one of the seasons.

The Yankees have continuously gone out and tried to buy the World Series, which simply doesn’t work anymore. Instead of building the team through free agency and dealing away prospects the summer after they draft them, they could invest more money in their scouting department and minor league system.

With all the money that the Yankees have, they could sign every good prospect they draft to a long-term deal after he has proven himself. The Steinbrener era is over, and the Yankees can take time to bring players through the system and not rush them because they have to win today.

Just look at how well the Red Sox have played. They don’t have nearly as much money as the Yankees, but because of their great drafting and patience, they are now reaping the rewards.

Don’t get me wrong: Having the cash advantage the Yankees enjoy is great and can be a great asset in putting a team together, but they need to spend it in the right place. They need to reinvest it in the system that has pumped out home-grown talents like Derek Jeter, Bernie Williams, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posoda, Andy Pettitte, and Orlando Hernandez and then sign those players to long-term deals.

The Yankees’ management fails to realize that free agency is for filling holes and bolstering the core of your team, not building the core of your team.

The trade deadline is also for filling holes, and the team that lands the big fish very rarely has and real success.

Last year, the Milwaukee Brewers gave up picks and prospects to acquire C.C. Sabathia. Then they bowed out in the first round of the playoffs, and Sabathia was out of town and on his way to New York.

If I’m a Major League general manager, I’m not giving up my future for a rental player unless I’m sure he wants to stay with my organization and I can get him signed.

This is my take on what is wrong with the Yankees’ way of doing things, and how it could be fixed.

If you have any suggestions or arguments, please comment.

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