Here’s a Thought: Nathaniel’s Top 100 MLB Prospects, Nos. 10-1

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

This is the final entry of ten in my top 100 prospects series.

If you’d like to read other entries in this series, you can check them out below:


If you don’t want to read the series, and just want to read this article, here’s the series intro, to get you caught up to speed (if you’ve read the intro before, just skip to the next slide):

Last year, I got an extremely positive response to my article “The Top 102 Prospects Who Have Yet To Play in MLB.”

I decided that it was time to do something similar, and rate the top 100 prospects this year.

Before we begin, a few notes:

These prospects aren’t ranked purely statistically and they are not ranked purely on scouting reports. They are ranked based on both. If you’d like to read more on how I believe one should evaluate prospects, read this.

Also, I can never keep track of who has rookie eligibility in the majors, so I made this list entirely of players who did not debut in the majors before July 15, 2009. If someone debuts after that, however (like Mat Latos), they will still be included.

I’m a bit hazy on 2009 draftees, so just because your team’s first-rounder isn’t on the list doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. I feel like I only have good enough knowledge of about 50 or so draftees this year, and a lot of them are the A’s draftees.

So don’t take offense, Padres fans, when you see Donavan Tate’s not on the list.

Speaking of Tate, I only ranked players who have signed or are projected to sign. “Tough signs” like Tate and Matt Purke were excluded. I did, however, rank Stephen Strasburg, just because the hype on him is so huge.

I can also guarantee that pretty much everyone in the minors was considered. I made sure to carefully look at anyone performing well or rated well. If a prospect doesn’t appear on this list, I can certainly tell you why.

I hope you like the rankings. Leave any questions or comments you have for me—I’ll be more than happy to respond.

Let’s take a look at the top ten prospects in baseball.

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