George Steinbrenner Won’t Be Missed by Everybody

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Thousands of stories are floating around the Internet about George Steinbrenner’s recent passing, and an opinion piece on my website , www.GuysNation.com, offers the view that while George Steinbrenner is being mourned by millions of Yankees fans, not everyone will shed a tear that he’s gone.

The premise of the article is that George Steinbrenner is a polarizing figure, as are the New York Yankees, with whom he will always be linked, and that even with his death, not everyone has to feel sad that he’s gone or even feel that there’s some sort of “void” left on the fabric of baseball.

Just like the author of the article on GuysNation, I’m not glad he died.  He had owned the team since before I was born, and I’ve never had a single inclination to be a fan of the Yankees—a sentiment which is shared among plenty of baseball fans worldwide.  The New York Yankees have a way of playing the villain’s role to many, and George Steinbrenner was their leader for decades. But that doesn’t mean that I want to set off fireworks as some sort of victorious celebration like at the end of “Star Wars’ Return of the Jedi.”

I’m curious what the Bleacher Report folks think of the concept and the way it was written by “AverageThomas” over at GuysNation.  I hope people will view the article and leave their feedback on both sites, because I think this is a topic which should be discussed. 

I’ve seen varying reactions amongst members of Red Sox Nation (which I do NOT consider myself a part of) to the passing of George Steinbrenner, just as I’m sure there are varying reactions amongst fans of other baseball teams.  I’m sure that not all Yankees fans are reacting the same way either.

The link to the GuysNation article can be found at various points throughout this article, as well as by clicking the logo below.

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