Everyone’s Laughing at The NY Yankees

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Well, baseball fans: That inevitable time of year has, once again, come around.

It’s the time of year when all of us get to jump up and down, laugh and celebrate.

But wait, let me explain what we’re laughing at, and why we’re all laughing.

Since 1901, the New York Yankees organization has been in existence.

That means that they’ve been operating for 109 years to date.

In those 109 years, they’ve amassed 27 World Championships (as their fans, so often, like to remind us).

So, that means that for the 27 times that they’ve “won,” there are also 82 times that they’ve lost.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my favorite baseball team is anyone who beats the New York Yankees.

That means that my favorite team has won 82 World Championships.

To put that in perspective, the fan that roots against the Yankees, more times than not, will wind up having the last laugh against them, when everything is said and done, despite their 27 World Series titles.

Now that the Yankees have been eliminated from the playoffs, once again, in humiliating fashion by a ball club whose payroll is a whopping $142 million less than theirs, the time has come for everyone to laugh at them.

The only reason that people will always revel in the misery of the Yankees is because the Yankees, due to their disproportionate economic advantage, operate on an uneven playing field and buy their success, rather than win or earn it, like the other teams in the league are forced to do.

The game of baseball is crookedly rigged and has been for a long time now. 

By now, it’s obviously clear that the “power brokers of the league” feel that the incoming revenue brought to the league by the Yankees (the team that comes from the league’s largest financial market) is well worth the erosion of competition in the sport that comes from allowing them to operate with no financial restrictions.

In other words, the Yankees have, essentially, bribed MLB to let them operate without any significant financial restrictions, even at the expense of the success (or failure, to be more precise) of all the rest of the teams in the league.

This is the very reason that all the other major sports have implemented some form of salary cap.

They do it to avoid monopolies, like the one that currently operates in MLB (the Yankees).

No one respects the so-called “accomplishments” of a team that buys its success, no matter who that team is.

At $236 million plus, the Yankees have the largest payroll in the history of the sport.

That payroll is $70 million larger than their nearest financial competitor, and over $200 million more than the league’s lowest payroll team.

So, it’s pretty obvious to see why practically everyone who’s not a Yankee fan despises this team and roots for them to fail miserably.

Well, the good news is that they do fail a lot more often than they succeed: 82 times more often, to be exact.

So, now comes the laughing part.

It’s the time that everyone has been waiting for all year long.

Now comes the time where everyone can and will collectively point their fingers at the Yankees and laugh hysterically in their faces.

The time where everyone will simultaneously mock them.

The Yankees are officially losers that have been eliminated from playing any more baseball games this season.

They are failures that everyone makes fun of.

People everywhere are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in New York who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in California who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in Texas who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in Nebraska who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in Mexico who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in China who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in India who are laughing at the Yankees.

There are people in Istanbul who are laughing at the Yankees.

Face it, there are people EVERYWHERE ON EARTH who are laughing hysterically at the Yankees, and that’s just the way it’s supposed to be.

All is well in the universe.

Good karma has, once again, been restored.

The Yankees are the resident laughingstock of professional sports.

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