Could Erik Bedard Be an Option For The Yankees?

July 25, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Roy Halladay. Cliff Lee. Justin Duchscherer. Bronson Arroyo. Jarrod Washburn.

These are all names tied in trade rumors with the Yankees for this coming week.

Now, you can throw in another Seattle Mariners name: Erik Bedard.

For most Mariners fans, Bedard has been a bust because of his time spent on the disabled list.

He only made 15 starts in 2008 for Seattle before spending the rest of the year injured and missed the beginning of 2009, but has come back and looked strong.

In 2009, Bedard is 5-2 with a 2.70 in 80 innings with 84 strikeouts. This is on a third place Mariners team who has a lot of questions to ask themselves in the next six days.

Their biggest question is: are we contenders in the A.L. West, or should we continue to re-build and re-tool for the future?

Seattle knows Bedard is not the ace of the future—that title belongs to Felix Hernandez. Bedard is also 30, so he is still technically in the prime years of his career.

They have a first year general manager in Jack Zduriencik, who hasn’t really made many moves, except for trading away J.J. Putz and bringing back longtime hero Ken Griffey, Jr.

Seattle will be home for the Toronto Blue Jays, then on the road against the Texas Rangers this week, so this week will decide if they will hang in the race.

On FoxSports.com’s main MLB page, Ken Rosenthal said that the Mariners could become sellers if they fall and that the Yankees will be watching, especially with Bedard possibly on the market.

As a Yankee fan, the only thing that would worry me is that former Seattle Mariners pitching coach Mel Stottlmyre (former Yankees pitching coach as well) said Bedard wasn’t the leader the Mariners were hoping for.

So does that mean Bedard isn’t a tough guy? Does he crumble under intense pressure? Bedard has never pitched in big games before, so it’s hard to decide.

He’s also been very injury prone over the last two seasons, so that might scare off potential buyers.

But, Bedard is a power left-hander with strikeout capability and when healthy, can dominate a game. Most Yankee fans remember Bedard on the Orioles from 2002-2007 when always gave the Yankees trouble.

With Sergio Mitre pitching tomorrow, you aren’t sure what he’s going to give you in his second start. He was above-average against the last place Baltimore Orioles, but how will Mitre hold up in a heated pennant race against the Red Sox and Angels? It’s hard to tell since Mitre has been injured for almost two years and a career National Leaguer.

Also with Chien-Ming Wang more than likely shut down for the season with injuries (de ja vu?), the Yankees are running out of options for the rotation. If Joba Chamberlain is forced out of the rotation due to his innings limit and with Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves in the bullpen, there isn’t a certain option for the Yankees.

The only question would be, is Bedard available?

And, what would the Mariners want for Bedard? Would they ask for a Halladay/Lee-like package of players, or would Zduriencik be more reasonable, knowing Bedard won’t command as much on the market like he once did.

There’s only one way to find out, and that is for Brian Cashman to pick up the phone and call.

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