Better A-Rod: Andy Roddick or Alex Rodriguez?

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

For those of you who watch ESPN, this article will be a bit like the “Who’s Now?” feature that ESPN ran about a year ago. I know I am likely the only one who enjoyed that show, but here is a chance for you guys to give this system a shot.

Andy Roddick and Alex Rodriguez both have the same nickname—A-Rod.

But who is the better A-Rod?

We know what they have in common.

They are both from the USA.

They both spent at least a few years in Texas.

And they are both great at their sport.

Now, let’s look at what each one has done in his career that makes him so great.


Alex Rodriguez

Why He Is the Best

He is the best player on the best team in baseball; he was considered by many the best hitter in the game.

He has…

Three AL MVPs

10 Silver Slugger Awards

Four Hank Aaron Awards

12 All-Star

Career Home Runs: 567 


Why Not

He is considered by many (including me) a cheater. He tested positive for steroid use, and many fans will never look at him the same.

A-Rod was one of the best players in baseball before this season, and this season he is playing well. However, missing the first 10 weeks of the season due to an injury has slowed him down at the start.

But he looks to be back now.


Andy Roddick

Why He Is the Best

Andy Roddick is a lovable guy; it is not hard to root for him. He works hard and gives every match his all, and he faces the world’s best representing the USA. Plus he was a big part of the USA winning the Davis Cup in 2007.

Current ATP Rank: 6

Career Titles: 27

ATP Win-Loss Record in 2009: 39-9

2003 US Open winner



Most games won in a Grand Slam final—39

Fastest serve—155 mph

Fastest serve in a Grand Slam—146 mph


Why Not

There are more American baseball fans than tennis fans, and he could not win Wimbledon in 2009.

He was great, but USA fans always jump on the hot card, and the loser is not the hot card.


Winner: Andy Roddick

Kids can look up to Roddick, but they can’t look up to Rodriguez. His use of steroids has made him hard to root for and impossible to look up to.

Andy is only 26 years old; he will have many more matches and chances to win championships.

Andy is a guy who makes you proud to be American, and America loves a hero.

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