Analyzing Mark Teixeira’s ALDS Game Two Performance

October 10, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Mark Teixeira displayed more than a dramatic game winning Home run on Friday night. He showed, and proved to the Yankee Brass and Fans why he was worth every penny, both with the bat and the glove.

Teixeira’s First at Bat (First Inning): He took the first two pitches to work a 2-0 count. He then proceeded to take two more pitches both called strikes. The count is 2-2 at this point and fouls off the next two pitches and, keeping the count at 2-2, but finally puts the ball in play; Popping out to short.

Teixeira’s Second at Bat (Fourth inning): Same approach on working a 2-0 count. Teixeira does get a fastball and once again puts the ball in play; Popping out to second.

Teixeira’s Third at Bat (Sixth Inning): Once again Teixeira works another 2-0 count. He then fouls off the next two pitches; evening the count at 2-2. Teixeira then takes another pitch creating a 3-2 count. Teixeira puts the ball in play again and flies out to left field.

Teixeira’s Fourth at Bat (Ninth Inning): He takes the first pitch for a ball, then the next for a strike creating a 1-1 count. The next pitch he scolds down the first baseline for a base hit.

This was  extremely vital because the score was 3-1 Twins going into this at bat. This base hit setup Alex Rodriguez’s home run on the next at bat. Thus tying the game due to Teixiera being able to get on base.

Teixeira’s Fielding in the 11th Inning:
The Yankees were on their heels facing a bases loaded situation with no one out and Delmon Young at Bat. First pitch Young swings and rips the ball down towards first, but Teixeira was right there to snag it for the out.

Next pitch Carlos Gomez hits a shot towards first on the ground. Texeira fields the ball perfectly and throws an accurate throw home and the runner from third id out. The next batter then proceeds to fly out harmlessly to center to end the inning with no damage.

Teixeira’s Fifth at Bat (11th Inning): Being the patient hitter Mark is, this at bat didn’t change his approach much. He took the first pitch for a ball and swung at the next evening the count at 1-1, he proceeded to take the next pitch for a ball.

Then, the moment! On a 2-1 count Mark Teixeira sends the offering from Jose Mijares into the crowd and, near the 318 foot by the left field foul pole, catapults the Yankees to a thrilling game two victory.

What more can you say about Mark Teixeira. He has superb fundamentals and always plays the game the right way. Even after starting out the game 0 for 3 he still stuck to his approach and gave the Yankees two extremely clutch hits. Not only was he clutch with the bat but also the glove. The crucial plays he made in the 11th inning saved the game for the Yankees.

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