Among Popularity Votes, Derek Jeter Would Win As Exalted Icon

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

According to fans reactions, especially venturous fans in New York, tells us Derek Jeter is baseball’s most-believed player. If some one tells it differently, then we can assume it’s untruthful. Over the course of a decade, fans have bent over backwards, cheering on the greatest model in baseball and pretty boy.

For years now, fans have either hated or loved Jeter, accumulating cheers or boos. But in New York, most energetic screams are likable cheers and sounds of thrills. They scream from the top of their lungs, snap camera shots and applaud when Jeter deposits one over the wall, or when he hits anything to bolster the Yankees of misfortune.

For the people who are hostile, it’s obvious they don’t anoint the New York Yankees or they’re just apathetic. But playing for the world’s most-beloved team in America has convoked much praise for Jeter, the one player some refers as arrogant or presumptuous. Considering that Jeter is saluted by many and the best shortstop this decade, it’s not surprising to see him stacking atop the All-Star ballots.

When votes were announced, Jeter was first mentioned, assembling an incredible 4,851,889 votes, more than anyone in the American League. And he’s the oldest shortstop to start an All-Star game since 37-year old Luis Aparacio in 1971, a commodity most players will never accomplish in the late stages of their careers. Jeter happens to be the fortune one, able to persuade and absorb grace from fans whose love and sympathy is given to the Yankees. In clarity, the Yankees are America’s team, as traditional pinstripes constituted mystique.

All this have engendered fame for Jeter, who has played an entire career in pinstripes. Meanwhile, Jeter’s tenured in the Bronx, has being nothing but large respectability and his presence has done nothing but delighted the fans who have seen superstars for many years.

Believe it or not, he’s the face of the Yankees, he’s the marketing ploy that appeases the Steinbrenner’s in the new colossal Yankee Stadium and he has urged fans to purchase seats close and personal. With all due respect, Jeter’s likableness increased tickets sales over a decade and allowed the Steinbrenner’s to invest millions in their state-of-the-art stadium and persisted in tradition, which has being endured from generations.

In New York, Jeter has clearly enriched into an ambassador, and declared citizenship among fans whose trust and values are conspicuous. Ever since wearing pinstripes, Jeter monopolizes awareness among the world’s most scrutinized fans and harshest media. In this age, the New York media is inevitable and have modern complexities, but as for as Jeter, it has being more of popularity exaltation.

The tabloids normally would portray Jeter, having one of his astounding nights or completing singular throws that nobody else could trace. Even his glamour attractiveness, entreats obsession and leads to All-Star reverence. Alone, Jeter made appearances in magazines, television shows and on the field, where he has basically earned the celebrity label and nearly is heckled wherever he walks in the Bronx. Much of his fame has came from a sturdy performance in hitting. 

From what we know, Jeter is a pure hitter, in a sport that has casted its corrupt issues of late. Amid the Steroid Era, you can only hope and keep your fingers cross that Jeter is uncontaminated of any banned substances. And since it is a time of outrageous steroid busts, Jeter’s name staying clean is a positive measure for the shameful game.

Of late, all that’s heard regarding baseball is The List, which consists of 104 players as two names from the list have already uncovered. But we can’t always jump to conclusions only because a few juicers corrupted their images and ruined the game by making everyone else seem like deceitful criminals.

In a year steroids have taken fun away from baseball, Jeter’s numbers continues to increment. He has outweighed Joe DiMaggio and Mickey Mantle in hits, and in a few seasons, he’ll likely excel in the hitting category by passing Lou Gehrig and Baby Ruth. If all goes well, I guess you can predict over 3,600 hits before he does decide to depart from the game.

Meanwhile, he’s the most positive player in the game, and can take our minds off of the shameless steroid scandals. Even though we can’t assume anyone is pure, we can still hope that Jeter isn’t one of them that are contaminated with juice.

In this era, it’s evident to suspect players were committing some type of wrongdoings, and a couple months ago when Alex Rodriguez’s name surfaced as a juicer, Jeter was irritable and offended by how everyone accused the entire league as if they have coated themselves with juice. That is good indications to perceive Jeter as an honest individual, a player who has played the game with integrity and made it clear that he never used performance-enhancer.

Because of his fame and lovable mannerism, Jeter has earned accolades, like AL Rookie of the Year Award, All-Star Game MVP, World Series MVP and three Gold Gloves. That is much to accomplish in a 13-year tenured, and all with one franchise.

He’s baseball’s most popular superstar, and also one of the most popular marketers as the two common ads are Gatorade and Nike. Endorsements and achievements in the game have being enough to contour nobility and favoritism. Since arriving in 1996, Jeter has earned the fans brace and caring obligations, which tells us that the All-Star voting is a popularity contest.

Why not: Jeter has never being in trouble, and never humiliated himself in front of the Yankees. As we know and have a rational assumption, he played the game without uplifting his performance level and never used an unknown substance to deface the game with fraudulent power. Rather than stirring up trouble or getting involved in steroid busts, Jeter presents dignity and class.

Playing with the Yankees and developing into an appealing athlete can accumulate fans. Exactly, playing on America’s team and earning enough praise through the media and people, amassed fervid fans.

Jeter earns the fans votes, as usual. He’s an icon of popularity.  

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