A Witness to Disgraceful Fandome

June 26, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

This past week the Braves played a three-game series against the Yankees in Atlanta. As expected, the stands where split about 50-50. After all, New York has a large following.

The amount of visiting team fans is not my complaint. It’s the unbelievable lack of respect that the fans showed during the games that upset me. 

It is important to point out that I do not wish to pin this on just Yankees fans. I know these people are all over and no team is exempt from a variety of disgraceful followers.

During the two games I attended during the series, I saw a multitude of behavior either not fit for public or just plain impolite and ignorant. A particular group that was near me had a fan that insisted on being incredibly vulgar. During the Atlanta tomahawk chop he stood up and mocked the theatrics by joining in but with is middle finger doing the chopping. 

I’m not prude or anything, but there are a lot of families with their children at the game. To make matters worse, this same fan insisted on starting arguments with other fans that where having baseball conversations amongst themselves, and proceed to insult them, their intelligence, and whatever they may have been discussing. 

In a separate instance, the Braves where attempting to rally late in the game. Of course the Atlanta fans where happy and cheering along. Rather than just try to cheer his team through the struggles, the Yankees fan gestured to the home team fans that they should make intercourse with themselves repetitively. 

I also witnessed, on more than one occasion, said antics resulting in children crying. This is where it really gets to be out of hand. Before you make children cry, you have done nothing more than offend me, something that does not really matter.

However, making children cry because you have no class and embrace your team is unacceptable. I can only hope to never have to deal with such a ridiculous level of ignorance at a ball game again. 

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