A-Rod Details Revealed in New Book: He Is a Douche

May 1, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Selena Roberts is coming out with a new tell-all book about Alex Rodriguez.

I haven’t read the book and only have heard tiny bits of information.  So far, it sounds like it doesn’t have one ounce of journalistic value.

To sum up what I heard Ms. Roberts has written about in the book; A-Rod is a polarizing, womanizing, steroid-using, egomaniacal douche-bag who is a bad tipper at Hooters. Is she writing something new?

This is a guy who tried making out with himself in a mirror.  Who hasn’t done that?

Selena Roberts writes about how he tipped other team’s hitters about what his pitcher was about to throw and that he possibly hit on his teammates’ wives, not acting on it, just to comb his ego, knowing that he could have them.   Side note: Two Ranger teammates vehemently denied he did this.

Listen, I can’t say this enough: A-Rod is a dingleberry-laced poop-head. He is very talented, but a poop-head nonetheless.

I think she may have a few chapters dedicated to proving A-Rod is the “host” carrier of the current strain of the pig flu going around and how he secretly works for the Taliban.

Does she have hard evidence to prove he did steroids beyond the timeline he admitted to? I seriously doubt she does.

I watched A-Rod’s “admission” 100 times and I never got the feeling that he was telling the whole truth.

I mean, seriously, A-Rod; you are telling us that you only took steroids for the Texas Rangers? The team you played for that was never within 25 games of the division leader?

Then you arrived in New York, the sports world’s largest pressure cooker, and you stopped taking steroids?

If anything, I would have believed it more had he admitted to only taking steroids during his Yankee days. The New York media and fan base demand greatness.

I didn’t even know the Rangers were a major league club until three years ago, so he definitely was lying and everyone knew it.

Listen, I am not a big A-Rod fan; he is a great baseball player, who has WON NOTHING! Some aptly call him “Mr. April.”

All this is doing is fueling his drive to remain in front of the cameras. This is what A-Rod wants!

I am also sick of the buffet-eating sports journalists burying him for doing something 90 percent of normal Americans would do in a heartbeat, including the fat-ass journalists!

A-Rod has taken performance-enhancing drugs. He was listed in a report with 103 other baseball players, yet his name is the one being dragged through the mud. Everyone seems to have it out for this guy, since he is a complete douche bag.

Bottom line: he took steroids to get better in a period when many others did.  I am not condoning it, but to me, it is the exact same thing as writing a smut book that truly belongs on TMZ.com rather than in the sports section.

Selena Roberts has opened up a smear campaign on A-Rod, and it appears to be “he said/she said.”

Both situations (steroids and smut writing) are done to better one’s position in society and to make obscene amounts of money. Both people (Mr. A-Rod and Ms. Roberts) are doing whatever they can to remain in the spotlight.

So please don’t act like you are holier than Thou for writing such garbage, even though I hope you make a fortune for doing so.

It is the American dream, but unless she has a picture of A-Rod bent over with Derek Jeter shoving a syringe into his ass-cheek, I won’t believe a word of it.

I just don’t want to hear it anymore. I would rather read a book about how awesome the Philadelphia Phillies are, or how crappy the New York Mets are.

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