A-God: Alex Rodriguez Makes Headlines with New TV Show (Humor)

August 10, 2009   ·     ·   Jump to comments
Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Just months after admitting steroid use, you would think Alex Rodriguez is keeping everything low profile. 

Well, think again.

To the surprise of everyone, Rodriguez, much like other sports stars, is launching a new TV show titled, “A-God: The Life of a True Superstar.”

“The show is mainly about the life I live. It’s about the way I carry myself around, the way I do what I do,” said Rodriguez at a press conference.

Though Rodriguez seemed optimistic, Yankee fans did not.

“I am rather disappointed with this decision. I would like to see him improve that batting average before he launches a tv show,” said former New York City mayor and longtime Yankee fan Rudy Guliani.

“This is yet another dumb decision by Alex. If he thinks people like me are going to watch his show, no way! I have my own movies to watch,” joked actor and Yankee fan Jack Nicholson. 

While some Yankee fans seemed turned off by the idea, others see it as interesting.

“I’m going to watch, maybe just for a few episodes, but I kind of want to see what his life is about,” said Yankee fan George Rutherman. 

The show is set to premier November 6, after the baseball season ends. It has been reported that steroids will not be mentioned in the show. 

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