2,800 Hits and 1,600 Runs: More Reasons for Jeter Haters To Love To Hate Him

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

Perhaps the baseball gods have intervened. Perhaps he did it on purpose. Perhaps I’m making too big a deal out of this.

Derek Jeter has not scored a run in six straight games, which, for a guy who scores constantly, and did score a run in eight straight games earlier this season, is probably one of the longest stretches of his career.

However, the New York Yankees shortstop and leadoff man has been hitting the ball over the last 11 games he has 15 hits in 51 at-bats, including a 3-for-5 effort against the New York Mets Sunday night. It was Jeter’s second 3-for-5 in four games. Since he last scored a run, Jeter has nine hits.

So, what’s the point of all this?

With nine hits since his last run scored, Derek Jeter now has exactly 2,800 hits, and exactly 1,600 runs, which is an awfully pretty pair of stats (hurry, and check it out at BaseballReference.com today before he ruins it by getting another hit and/or run).

Not that the Baseball World needs another reminder of Jeter’s greatness and not that I am in the habit of  heaping praise upon Jeter but check out the list of guys in the “1,600 Runs/2,800 Hits” Club:

Pete Rose: 4,256/2,165 Dave Winfield: 3,110/1,669
Ty Cobb: 4,189/2,246 Craig Biggio: 3,060/1,844
Hank Aaron: 3,771/2,174 Rickey Henderson: 3,055/2,295
Stan Musial: 3,630/1,949 Lou Brock: 3,023/1,610
Tris Speaker: 3,514/1,882 Rafael Palmeiro: 30,20/1,663
Carl Yastrzemski: 3,419/1,816 Al Kaline: 3,007/1,622
Paul Molitor: 3,319/1,782 Frank Robinson: 2,943/1,829
Eddie Collins: 3,315/1,821 Barry Bonds: 2,935/2,227
Willie Mays: 3,283/2,062 Mel Ott: 2,876/1,859
Eddie Murray: 3,255/1,627 Babe Ruth: 2,873/2,174
Cal Ripken: 3,184/1,647 Charlie Gehringer: 2,839/1,774
Paul Waner: 3,152/1,627

Derek Jeter: 2,800/1,600

Robin Yount: 3,142/1,632  


The worst player on this list is Lou Brock, and he was pretty great. So Jeter really is starting to enter some rarified air.

Frankly, as a Jeter Hater, it is really starting to bother me that I am starting to accept that he is really is quite great.

What would be really great would be if Jeter could score exactly 100 more runs in the time it takes him to get exactly 200 more hits, so we could see 3,000/1,700.

Perhaps we can convince the baseball gods to allow it.

Asher B. Chancey lives in Philadelphia and is the co-founder of BaseballEvolution.com .

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