1980s New York Yankees “All Scrub” Team

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Article Source: Bleacher Report - New York Yankees

The Yankees had some stacked teams in the 1980s.

They won a staggering 103 games in 1980.

They went to the World Series in the strike-shortened season in 1981, and won at least 90 games in  1983, 1985 and 1986.

Despite all that winning, the Yankees of the 1980s, the Yankees of my youth, never won a darn thing that counted.

There was always a team like the Red Sox or Blue jays that it seemed was a little bit better that particular year.

It broke my heart as a kid, because I was too young to remember ’77-78, and my dad and grandfather would talk about the Yankee “glory years” of Mantle, Berra and DiMaggio.

I wanted to experience a Yankee Dynasty.

I wanted to see Don Mattingly, who was my version of Mickey Mantle, win a World Series.

Alas, it wouldn’t happen until 1996, a year after Donnie Baseball retired.

I was still a huge Yankee fan, but it would have meant more to me had they won 10 years earlier.

By ’96 I was an adult, and the world looks much different to an adult than to a baseball-obsessed 10-year-old who’s biggest concern in life was why the Yankees couldn’t get a decent shortstop.

Growing up during this difficult time in Yankee history, I developed a morbid fascination and bond with the “fringe” players the Yankees put on the field.

Sure, I loved Mattingly and Henderson, but who could forget Paul Zuvella?

Some might refer to them as “scrubs” but as a kid they were my scrubs.

They were Yankees.

So here it is, the 1980s New York Yankees “All-Scrub” Team. Enjoy!

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