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CC Sabathia: Will His “Out” Years Drag Down the New York Yankees?

August 25, 2013

Saturday's duel between the Tampa Bay Rays' ace, David Price, and the Yankees' ace, CC Sabathia was basically a microcosm of the season-long fact that the Ray's ace is decidedly ...

New York Yankees: Did Fear of a Bad Call Cost Them the Playoffs?

September 10, 2012

The Yankees were "not guilty as charged" in Saturday's game. Or maybe one should say that this was true for a particular Yankee. But they paid the price, not only ...

Steve Pearce: The Strange Saga of the New York Yankees Utility Player

September 8, 2012

Steve Pearce has played for three different teams this season; four, if you count the fact that he was a Yankee for two separate stretches.He was a cast-off from the ...

New York Yankees: Do They Need to Rebuild, and Can They?

September 6, 2012

"Rebuilding" is not a word that is typically used to describe the New York Yankees. In most years, or  more like most decades, they have a bevy of stars that ...

New York Yankees: Why They Can’t Win (Even When They Do)

September 2, 2012

The New York Yankees have been winning uncharacteristically few games since the All-Star Break. Why might that be?The answer is because the "Yankees" aren't playing.Yesterday's game against Baltimore was a ...

Yankees’ Andy Pettitte: A Modest Proposal to Keep Him Pitching

May 19, 2012

"Aging" Andy Pettitte wasn't too old to pitch a brilliant eight-inning shutout game Friday night against a formidable Cincinnati Reds team. This gave him his first win in 2012, and ...

New York Yankees: Earlier ‘Courtship’ of CC Sabathia Now Posing Problems

February 16, 2011

One of the telltale signs that your spouse or significant other may be planning to leave you is when that person loses weight. In the case of the New York ...

New York Yankees: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Derek Jeter?

November 26, 2010

Would Derek Jeter be underpaid at $10 million a year for the next three years? Could he be worth as much as $20 million a year over that time span. ...

New York Yankees and ALCS Loss: Blame the Batters, Not the Pitchers

October 29, 2010

Yankee pitchers did not exactly distinguish themselves in the recent ALCS. But that may not be the main reason that they lost. To understand why, let's look at what happened ...

ALCS 2010: New York Yankees Named The Wrong Fourth Starter

October 15, 2010

The New York Yankees need a fourth starter for the ALCS. But the one they named was wrong. It should not have been A.J. Burnett, but rather Ivan Nova. Nova, whom ...

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