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Wealthy Redneck Briefly Pitches in World Series Game

November 2, 2009

For anyone overwhelmed and surprised by A.J. Burnett’s early exit in Monday night’s World Series Game Five against the Phillies, here is some Earth-shattering news: A.J. Burnett totally sucks. I’m not ...

One Middling Month Does Nothing To Quell CC Sabathia’s Awesomeness

April 29, 2009

With the boo-birds out in full force over CC Sabathia’s slow start to his first season as a Yankee, baseball fans prove that they can always be counted on to ...

Yankees’ Chien-Ming Wang Is HIlariously Bad at Pitching

April 19, 2009

It's the second inning of a Yankees game, so you know what's going on: Chien-Ming Wang is out of the game and has allowed a zillion runs. The Yanks' opening day ...

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