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Cliff Lee: 5 Reasons New York Yankee Fans Should Relax about Him

December 12, 2010

If you search for "#clifflee" on Twitter, you will find an ongoing slew of tweets as folks await his long overdue decision about where he'll play in 2011.  While Ranger ...

Derek Jeter Negotiations Bring Out the Worst in Yankee Fans

November 29, 2010

If you’re going to write anything this month about Derek Jeter and his current negotiations with the New York Yankees, you need to begin by weighing in.  So, for what ...

What’s Wrong with the Yankees

May 6, 2009

Walt Whitman said, “Charity and personal force are the only investments worth anything."  While there have been times that I have tried to conceive a way to exert my personal force ...

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