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Yankees Postscript: How to Make a Dynasty

November 5, 2009

With all the cards now on the table, and the trophy safe in Derek Jeter's arms, the overwhelming majority of fans are going to remember 2009 as the year Alex ...

At the Finish Line…Thoughts Before the Last Baseball Game(s) of 2009

November 4, 2009

In the grand scheme of things, baseball is a kid's game. It makes heroes out of ordinary men. It makes celebrities out of lowlifes like Jose Canseco and John Rocker. It turns ...

World Series Game Four: The “Phillies Take a Shift” Game

November 2, 2009

I was going to wait until the World Series was over before I wrote a word. I wanted to know everything and stop making predictions from game to game, as it ...

World Series Preview: What the New York Yankees Must Do to Win it All

October 26, 2009

Well...that was fast. My night of celebration ended about 15 minutes after I posted the last piece . Immediately, my mind started to shift to the new question at hand. How ...

ALCS Game Six: Six Years in the Making, Yanks’ Old Men Bring It Home

October 26, 2009

He was as animated on the mound as we've ever seen him—and exactly the way we always remember him. For six-and-a-third innings and two-and-a-half hours Sunday night, Andy Pettitte turned back ...

ALCS Game Five: The Angels Won’t Die (or…Shut Up, Tom! Stop Talking!)

October 23, 2009

Alex Rodriguez is having a career-altering postseason. Nick Swisher? Not so much. No matter whether he's hitting left-handed or right-handed, whether he's swinging at fastballs or breaking balls, whether the pitch is ...

ALCS Game Four: The Yankees Make a Statement

October 21, 2009

It doesn't always take a historical, dramatic baseball game to clue a fanbase in on something special happening with their team. In the later years of the Joe Torre era, with ...

The Angels Are Who We Thought They Were (But I’m Not Worried Yet)

October 20, 2009

There was a scenario I forgot to mention at the end of the last column . If the Angels were able to come back from a big deficit and beat ...

ALCS Game Two: Putting the “Game That Wouldn’t Die” in Context

October 19, 2009

In a season full of dramatic ballgames, the context of the drama of Game Two of the American League Championship Series can only be described as What We Have Come ...

ALCS Preview…The Quickie Version

October 16, 2009

Twenty minutes to go before Game One. I am sorry I left this so long, but I've had a lot to look at, and a long week at my real ...

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