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New York Yankees’ Actions Exposing the Jesus Montero Fraud

August 13, 2011

If you listen to the propaganda spewed by the New York Yankees, Jesus Montero is a catcher who is constantly improving defensively and who will be some combination of Mike ...

New York Yankees: Ivan Nova Outshines Phil Hughes in Every Way… Except Hype

August 5, 2011

COURTESY OF YANKEES 'N MORE Imagine, if you will, a scenario in which Phil Hughes had remained healthy all season, pitched to a 10-4 record with a 3.81 ERA and lost ...

Brian Cashman Screws Up Again, Brewers Steal K-Rod from New York Yankees

July 13, 2011

COURTESY OF YANKEES 'N MOREHere's a few things you need to know about the deal that sent New York Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez to the Milwaukee Brewers.1) The Mets made ...

New York Yankees: How Does Jorge Posada Still Have a Job?

May 28, 2011

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More As I watch Jorge Posada live on the 1nterstate while serving as the New York Yankees, um..., well..., "designated HITTER" (much for irony?), I am left ...

New York Yankees: Jorge Vazquez Should Take over DH Duties from Jorge Posada

May 18, 2011

There is no doubt the New York Yankees should have a guy named Jorge as their everyday designated hitter right now. The only problem is this organization continues to use ...

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter Is Not the Captain You Think He Is

April 25, 2011

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More There is a GREAT read from Ken Davidoff up on Newsday.com right now. It's a blog post, so you get to read it for free!Davidoff talks ...

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter’s Contract Far More Damaging Than Rafael Soriano’s

April 19, 2011

Courtesy of Yankees 'n More Caught this New York Post story Tuesday morning about New York Yankees setup man Rafael Soriano and his aversion to cold weather, which makes him just ...

Phil Hughes Pathetic Again, Buries New York Yankees Early vs. Red Sox

April 8, 2011

Phil Hughes was born on June 24, 1986 in Mission Viejo, California. A little less than 25 years later, the sorry sack of bones went to Boston and gift-wrapped the ...

Joe Girardi’s Idiocy Costs New York Yankees One Game… and Counting

April 6, 2011

It was all but in the books. Another win for the New York Yankees, who led the Minnesota Twins 4-0 heading into the top of the eighth inning.Then Joe Girardi had ...

New York Yankees: Scout Finds Hypocrisy in Brian Cashman’s Pedro Feliciano Comments

April 4, 2011

As you no doubt know by now, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman made some rather odd comments regarding his disabled lefty reliever, Pedro Feliciano, and the way he ...

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