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Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Games 52 and 53: He Appears Unstoppable

July 16, 2011

Games 52 and 53: July 13, 1941 With 50,387 fans watching, Joe DiMaggio made hitting look easy in the first game of a July 13, 1941 doubleheader with the White ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 51: Did He Get a Hit?

July 14, 2011

Game 51: July 12, 1941 Dom DiMaggio used to tell the stories of how he sometimes felt like he didn’t exist during his brother Joe’s immortal hitting streak. Most of ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Games 19: Remembering and Restoring Remnants of Glory

June 18, 2011

Game 19: June 2, 1941 It was back to work for most Cleveland residents. The crowd of 52,240 of the day before shrank to less than 6,000 for the Monday ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 30: A “Hit” for the Ages Eclipses Yankee Mark

June 17, 2011

Game 30: June 17, 1941 ABC News was still talking about it seven decades later. Sporting News columnists from time to time write about that “single” on June 17, 1941, ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 28: The DiMaggios Hit the Town

June 15, 2011

Game 28: June 15, 1941 The elegance and energy of New York was typified by the chic of nightclubs like the Copacabana, 21, the Stork Club and El Morocco. Joe ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 27: Even Feller Couldn’t Hold Joe Down

June 14, 2011

Game 27: June 14, 1941 New York. Home, sweet home. The Big Apple was alive on Saturday, June 14. Still four out in second place, the Yankees were nestled safely ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Games 23 & 24: DiMaggio on Fire as NY Heads Home

June 8, 2011

Games 23 & 24: June 8, 1941 This was getting to be serious. A 24-game hitting streak was the longest in the league in a couple of years and since ...

Joe DiMaggio’s Streak, Game 10: Watching DiMaggio Was a Routine of Life

May 24, 2011

Joe DiMaggio's Streak: Game 10, May 24, 1941 Earl Lewis lived in the Upper West Side of New York City. Just a couple of blocks from the American Museum of ...

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